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from a global perspective, the largest sales market for powder metallurgy parts is the automotive industry, which is the market with the highest technical and quality requirements for powder metallurgy parts. according to statistics, in industrialized countries such as europe and japan, the demand for powder metallurgy parts in the automotive industry accounts for about 90% of the powder metallurgy market, and powder metallurgy automotive parts in north america account for more than 80% of the powder metallurgy industry market. from the perspective of china's powder metallurgy parts industry, the most important market for the powder metallurgy parts industry has gradually evolved from the refrigerator compressor industry, the air-conditioning compressor industry, and the motorcycle industry to the automobile industry.

spatial sensitivity analysis of china's powder metallurgy parts market in 2020

source of data: public information

at present, there are more than 400 kinds of powder metallurgy parts for automobiles in the world, and the proportion of the automobile industry in the powder metallurgy market is increasing year by year. however, the average amount of powder metallurgy products per vehicle in china is only about 5kg, which is much lower than that of 14kg in europe and 19.5kg in the us. in addition, in 2016, the proportion of domestic automotive powder metallurgy products in total powder metallurgy products has increased to about 60%, but still far below the 80% rate in developed countries.

china's market space in the automotive field has yet to be developed. the powder metallurgy products used in automobiles are products with very high technology content, which can reduce the weight of automobiles and reduce manufacturing costs, and optimize the production process of automobile industry products and improve the automobile industry. the role of competitiveness.

powder metallurgy is mainly used in the field of engines and gearboxes in automobiles. among them, vvt parts, variable pumps, brake vacuum booster pump parts, these three categories of energy-saving emission reduction automotive parts have been extensively developed and applied.

the vvt parts, camshafts and pressure reducing valves produced by jingshi have been exported to overseas. in the future, jingshi will continue to develop more parts suitable for powder metallurgy technology, open up a larger international market and help "china industry 4.0". the arrival of the times.

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